5 Useful Tips for Learning In the Age of Information

5 Useful Tips for Learning In the Age of Information

Hey there! Let's talk about something super important these days: having self-discipline, patience, and hope. Especially now, when we're hit with tons of information all the time.

Learning Tech is Like a Puzzle

Imagine you're diving into tech learning. It's kinda like piecing together a puzzle. There are loads of different bits that, at first glance, don't seem to connect. But, guess what? They do!

The trick is to understand each piece well enough to see how they all fit together.

So for this, I'm going to give you...

5 things that helped me stay on track:

1. Set Your Target

Do you know how you use GPS to find the best route? It's the same with goals. Sure, setting a target might sound easy, but hitting it? Not always. It's okay to switch up your path to get where you're going.

Before diving into a course or book, check out what the objectives of the course or the headings of the book are so you understand that after you are done can you do the specific thing that you learned. Can you answer yes or no questions about it?

If you can, you're on your way to becoming a pro!

2. Make a Flexible Schedule

Schedules are great, but don't be too strict. If you love a tight schedule, go for it! But remember, it's okay if you don't stick to it 100%.

If you miss your scheduled time, don't beat yourself up. Instead, plan your week with some wiggle room.

Got 2 hours today but only 30 minutes tomorrow? No problemo. Just aim for a total of like 10 hours a week minimum and adjust as you go.

3. Ambience is Key

In the book "Mind Hacking," Sir John Hargrave says something to the liking of our minds being like wild dogs. Crazy, right?

For example, I love watching rain videos on YouTube to keep focused when I'm studying or working. My wife? She likes podcasts.

Find what works for you to keep that brain chatter from overtaking you. No science degree is needed to know we can't always silence our thoughts.

4. Break Time is Crucial

Ever get stuck on something and feel like your brain's fried? Take a break. Seriously, a quick 15-minute walk or switching activities can work wonders. It gives your brain a chance to chill and reset.

5. Teach Others

To do this, you gotta get what you studied and have played around with it yourself. This is a benefit because you'll focus more on what you're learning and find creative ways to explain it to others. It's like having a conversation with the material!

So, those are my tidbits on keeping your head above water in this crazy world full of noise. Hopefully, this wasn't noise.

Remember, it's all about finding your groove and not being too hard on yourself. Happy learning!